Being a wedding photographer is so much more than photographing an event. It’s about telling the story of two people, capturing their personalities and the love in their lives over the course of one day.

Creative wedding photographer Gloucestershire

My style is relaxed and natural, I want to capture the personalities of the people I’m photographing. So that when decades have passed and the family albums are passed round. The photos transport you right back to that day and all those emotions come flooding back.

Creative Wedding Photographer Gloucestershire

We’re surrounded by all kinds of love on a wedding day. The love between partners, siblings, parents and friends. It’s not simply the vows at the ceremony, or grand gestures and gifts. But it’s the unadulterated emotion that comes from having all of the people that mean the world to you in one room. And that’s what I’m looking to capture throughout the day.

The love I see is the love I capture

Creative Wedding Photographer Gloucestershire

The way I see love is in the stolen glances, the brush of a thumb over the back of a hand. It’s in the pure joy of a hug. And the tears of happiness and sadness too. It’s in the tributes to those we long to share the day with. And the smiling faces that surround you all day. It’s in the deep hearted belly laughs, the inside jokes between friends. A hand that caresses a cheek or is placed on the small of a back. Love is in the hand wringing and feet shuffling nerves, the butterflies in your belly and those quiet moments of calm and contemplation. It’s a groom’s tie and button hole being tidied up. Love is in the pride of a parent. Or a grandparent that still can’t believe how big you’ve grown.

Creative Wedding Photographer Gloucestershire

Love surrounds us on a wedding day and it’s these tiny moments, that have been and gone in an instant, that when captured and tied together tell the story of the love in our lives. And that’s what wedding photography is all about.

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Creative Wedding Photographer Gloucestershire