The Importance of Wedding Photography

January 18, 2022

My Philosophy on the importance of Wedding Photography

Whether you’re camera-shy or a private person with all socials locked down. Or are working with a smaller budget. It can be easy to wonder what the importance of wedding photography is?

Whilst wedding blogs are a great source of inspiration when it comes to choosing decorations, styles, and colours. Wedding photography is about so much more than pretty outfits and beautifully styled venues.

Wedding photographs are about our history, human connection, and all those complex relationships that family entails.

They help us to preserve traditions that are important cultural rituals. And even those that aren’t! How long have we been pretending to sign a wedding register, with a quill of all tools?!

That said when it comes to rituals and traditions. Having a beautiful set of photos, whether in an online gallery or printed in an heirloom album. Means you have the perfect anniversary date to enjoy together.

Families are as complex and unique as the people in them. They give future generations a glimpse into where they came from. Who the people that came before them were and what they were like.

The number of times you have both sides of your family in one place can likely be counted on one hand. Professional Photography makes the most of this rare opportunity. And captures beautiful and natural photos of you and your loved ones. Not to mention you’re all dressed up so looking your best!

Undoubtedly, photography does take up a chunk of any wedding budget. A great wedding photographer is an investment. It’s true that you might bag a bargain by booking a talented but less experienced wedding photographer or a weekend warrior that subsidises their business income alongside a full-time job. But naturally, will have its own downsides.

However, if you’re looking for a skilled professional wedding photographer with years of experience, you’re going to be investing in the range of £1500 – £2500. Depending on location and experience. Which by no means is a small amount of money. But it’s worth remembering that as the years pass, this is one of the only investments you will ever make that will grow and grow. Until it’s sentimental value becomes priceless and irreplaceable.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a Cotswold Wedding Photographer, I would love to hear from you. Get in touch here to have a chat about your plans.

Creative Gloucestershire wedding photographer tells us the importance of wedding photography