Sunset Wedding Portrait Shoot in The Cotswolds

May 14, 2021

A beautiful sunset portrait shoot in The Cotswolds

Soft golden light. A friendly chat with a happy newlywed couple. And a beautiful backdrop of quaint Cotswold cottages. What’s not to love about this sunset portrait shoot.

A natural portrait of a groom hugging hid bride and she laughs.

Alia & Kamran decided to elope and get married abroad. And whilst they had an amazing time travelling together. Having an intimate ceremony without guests meant they only had a handful of photos. So when they arrived home, they wanted to mark the occasion by capturing some relaxed post-wedding portraits in The Cotswolds.

A tasteful and stylish portrait of a happy couple in The Cotswolds.

One of the things I love most about being based in Cirencester. Is that I get to meet couple from all over the UK, or even further! It’s definitely a lovely destination for holidays or a weekend away. So it makes sense to make the most of the trip. And when celebrating a special occasion, booking in for a family, engagement, or wedding portrait photoshoot does just that.

A relaxed wedding portrait of a happy bride and groom in The Cotswolds.

A natural portrait of a bride and groom holding hands. Golden light from the sunset behind them lights up the wild meadow in The Cotswolds.

A relaxed portrait of a bride and groom during golden hour. Hugging in front of a row of quaint cottages in The Cotswolds.

So many of my couples tell me how camera-shy they are. But how much they really love my natural wedding photography. And part of the trick to capturing lovely relaxed portraits is always to make sure you’re having a nice time. So fear not, my camera-shy friends. It’s more like a little wander around a beautiful place. With a new pal to chat to, who has plenty of tricks up her sleeve to make you forget all about the camera.

A relaxed wedding portrait of a couple. The groom is wrapping his arms around his wife as she smiles. Standing in front of a wild meadow in The Cotswolds.

A natural portrait photograph of a joyful bride and groom. Wearing dark, relaxed wedding outfits. With a wild cotswold meadow behind them.

A natural portrait of a bride and groom with their arms around one another. Stood in front of a wild meadow in The Cotswolds.

Natural Portrait of couple looking at one another and laughing. Sat on a wall in front of a row of quaint cotswold cottages.

Stylish portrait of bride and groom kissing on a bridge, surrounded by trees in The Cotswolds.

Joyful bride and groom, walking hand in hand across a bridge in The Cotswolds.

Black bride and groom sat on a wall, in front of a river in a cotswold village. Embracing and smiling.

Black bride and groom hugging in a woodland, in The Cotswolds.

Book in for Cotswold Sunset Portraits 

If you love the golden hour, that magical time at the end of the day when the light is at its prettiest. I have a long list of beautiful locations that we can use and always recommend the best time of day to capture the light. And you’d love some relaxed and natural professional portraits. Do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.