Why all weddings should be unplugged

April 4, 2018

Why all weddings should be unplugged

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Modern life has our lives ever more entangled with social media. Every Bob, Harry and his uncle owns a smart phone with a built in digital camera. Which are a great way to capture personal memories as a keepsake. But today I wanted to to put forward the case for an unplugged wedding.

Or a off grid ceremony to be precise. It’s totally understandable that wedding guests will want to capture photos of you on your wedding day. Because they love you, and want to treasure and share the moment with loved ones. But being greeted by a sea of smart phones, tablets and cameras instead of the happy faces of your nearest and dearest, is not a memory you are going to treasure.

Investing in an experienced and creative wedding photographer will ensure that every important moment is captured and at the best quality possible. So there really is no need for guests to be taking photos during the ceremony. Each of our couples receives a private online gallery that they can share with family and friends. So guests can download copies of the professional photos, specifically to combat the sea of phones at weddings. Not just because your photos will be a million time better without them in the way, but so your guests can be truly present and share the day with you.

That said, I’m not a total spoil sport and feel strongly that phones and cameras should be banned for the ceremony and confetti throws. After that isn’t such a big deal. Because if every guest was taking photos on their phone, there wouldn’t be any confetti being thrown!

But I’ve just bought a top of the line DSLR with all the lenses and accessories galore I hear you cry?!¬†Wedding photography is an investment and professional service. Imagine your loved ones book a chef, a cleaner or even a band or performer. And you whack out your pans, duster or tambourine. It would defeat the point a bit wouldn’t it? Plus, how can couples recieve lovely natural photos of their loved ones if they’re always hidden behind a camera.

So please, for the sake of wedding photographers and couples everywhere. Put down the cameras, be present, enjoy and experience the day with those around you. Life is short, a wedding day is even shorter and often a once in a lifetime event. So why miss any of it. Don’t view the day through a lens. There will be hundreds of lovely photos captured by the photographer. Let those be your memories too.

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