What to do if your wedding is affected by Coronavirus

March 31, 2020

Firstly, I wanted to say that my heart absolutely goes out to anyone and everyone effected by the current Coronavirus pandemic. There’s going to be a long and challenging road ahead of us. I struggle to think of anyone who’s lives will remain to be unaffected by Covid-19. If you’d like to get the latest government advice on Coronavirus, you can do so here. If your wedding is affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, here are my steps for as least a stressful time as possible.

What to do if you’re due to get married during the Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s fair to say that there are going to be many industries that struggle to survive over the coming months. The wedding industry is no exception. And one that is made up predominantly of small businesses and self employed freelancers, who as it stands on the 24th of March, will receive extremely little, if any crisis support from the government.

If your due to get married and your wedding is going to be affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. The very first thing you should do is to contact your wedding insurance provider and check what they will cover at this time. From there you can contact your venue to see how they are approaching the situation. It’s worth remembering that each venue is treating the situation differently, and that might not be entirely in-keeping with the governments current guidelines on social distancing. The health and wellbeing of yourselves, friends and families should be at the forefront on your plans. As well as your venues, don’t be afraid to speak up and seek advice if you aren’t comfortable with what they are offering.

Contact your suppliers before confirming a new date

It’s important to note that with wedding dates often being secured to 18-24 months in advance, you may not be able to book the exact same weekend in 2021. Be sure to contact all your suppliers to ensure they have your new date available before confirming it with your venue. Knowing you still get to work with your favourite suppliers will help to ease the disappointment in having to wait longer to celebrate the big day. And save you the hassle of having to research and book new ones.

Choosing a new wedding date

With many couples having to consider annual leave and school term dates, weekends have always been popular wedding dates in the summer months. However, don’t rule out a weekday wedding if it means you get as close to the day you had originally planned as possible. Weekday and winter weddings are becoming more and more common. And given everything that’s going on in the world I’m sure your guests will be even more keen to celebrate love and happiness with you, regardless of the day of the week.

A Wonderful Winter wedding?

As it stands, it’s still unclear how long the UK is going to be on lockdown, or how long it will take for life to return to normal. However, over the coming months it might become clearer wether a beautiful winter wedding would be a possibility. Which would mean you don’t have to wait as long to get married. If you’d like to check out some examples of recent and lovely winter weddings you can do so here.

Looking for a creative wedding photographer?

With the unreal events that have been unfolding around the world, I’m even more passionate than ever about capturing cherished moments, love and happiness. If you’re looking for relaxed and natural wedding photography or a creative Gloucestershire wedding photographer, I would love to here from you. Get in touch to have a chat about your plans.