Reducing risk & Staying safe

My approach to working as a Wedding Photographer post lockdown

Throughout the UK, the long winter lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease. The days are longer, the light is brighter. And with the incredible success of an effective vaccine. It’d be hard not to be feeling optimistic about the months ahead. With that in mind, it feels like we aren’t quite out of the woods yet. And whilst I’ve been so looking forward to getting back to a job that brings me so much joy. It’s really important to me that I do everything I can to keep my couples, myself, and my loved ones safe. So I’m sharing my approach to working as a Wedding Photographer post lockdown.

Tips to keep safe at work as a Wedding Photographer

  • Wearing a face mask – whilst early on in the pandemic, I opted for a cloth face covering, saving the supply of surgical masks for front-line workers. At each of my weddings, I’ll be wearing a surgical face mask at all times.
  • Regular rapid testing – providing I don’t have any symptoms I’ll be using the rapid antigen tests twice weekly. And always the day before a wedding. This way I have the all-clear as close to the wedding as possible, whilst allowing time to arrange emergency cover if needed. It goes without saying if I did have symptoms, I would immediately book a PCR swab test and self-isolate until I have the results.
  • Keeping hands clean – Alcohol hand gel is my new best friend. If my clothing has pockets, you can bet you’ll find a bottle of hand sanitiser in there. I’ll be regularly using this to keep my hands clean before and after coming into contact with touch points. Common ones that spring to mind are door handles or mementos, shoes, and accessories that I photograph during the morning prep.

  • Switching up my equipment – Lenses with a longer focal length have been pretty essential when shooting in large venues. They bring me closer to my subject whilst being discreet as I don’t need to go army rolling around. In the good ol’ days, I would duck and weave my way through a crowd to capture the atmosphere and natural photos of guests having fun. But as I’ll be keeping my distance, switching up my equipment is going to really help me tell the story of each day.

Looking for creative & natural wedding photography?

And with my first wedding of the year next week, it goes without saying that I’m beyond excited. It’s the start of a very busy few months. With plenty of lovely micro weddings in the diary too. I’m almost fully booked for this summer and dates for 2022 are being booked up. My availability for next year is limited to 25 weddings, which can fill up quickly, so if you’re looking for a creative Cotswold photographer, I’d love to hear from you. 

a lateral flow rapid Covid test and instructions sat next to a camera

Souces of information on Coronavirus

The advice of effectiveness of face coverings from the CDC, Centers for disease control and prevention.

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