We got engaged!

We got engaged!

Big News!

So one of my goals for 2017 was to take and share more personal blog posts and pictures. I’ve done a pretty terrible job of that so far. But I’m gonna let myself off seen as though we relocated to Gloucestershire in The Cotswolds in spring.  I really want our couples to get to know us better. Especially because there can often be a year or two between us meeting and shooting their wedding. So because I share some of your super personal moments with you, I’m sharing one of ours.

Having been together for nearly.. four years now. Tom took me back to the place where he asked me to be his girlfriend. The beautiful St Ives in Cornwall. We’ve both always loved being by the sea. Tom grew up in Devon and I’ve always found the coast calming. It’s pretty tough to feel like you’re problems are huge when you’re looking out onto an immense and endless looking sea.

As many of our couples know, we really pride ourselves on running an eco friendly, ethical and sustainable business. So I’m over the moon that Tom designed me an ethical engagement ring that breaks from tradition. It’s made by Alexi Russel with an ethical stone and recycled rose gold.

Wedding planning is on hold at the moment as we have lots of lovely weddings to photograph and edit. But we’re both super excited!

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